Monday, October 24, 2011

Test Post from Blog Press

These are a couple ring boxes I made as a special order.

Just for you stopsign.

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  1. Looks good to me.

    Is there a design on top of the box when closed?

  2. You're a trouble maker huh. I will update this.

  3. Thank you Odie~They are Nice.
    But really I had no doubt with you being the maker.

    I really need to make it back to wood working blog and I will soon.. I can't keep my fingers quiet so you will know when I'm there :)

  4. Stopsign, you just keep sneaking around. I love it when you do.

    These are missing my signature because the customer wanted 11/11/11 inside. He was going to put a ring inside one of them for when he proposes.

  5. Odie - ever made a puzzle box? Like a Japanese puzzle box?

  6. I get asked that all the time, Race. I never have.