Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Yup, I Had To Do It ... There is a #1

Yes boys and girls, there is a #1 now. Actually it's just called
Woodsterman Practice. It was really the first practice blog, but
I kept it private. I would use it to help other bloggers design
their blogs. It is now public and I plan to host How-To videos
on blog design there. 

I am making the videos now. I have posted three videos there
so far, and I hope that number will grow quickly. Here is a ... 


  1. Odie, Sorry I'm still laughing from reading your last post! Are one of these video's going to show us how to shoot a queer deer? :)

  2. Stopsign, you brighten my day. I'm still looking for that video. Do you really think it should be a How-To video?